Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Old Bag

My husband and I do love to travel...although not much time for it these very harried days.
The adventure of the trip is sometimes marred by my lack of skill at packing....I always pack too much! My fears run the gamut but the underlying fear is I won't have the appropriate clothing at the appropriate moment. My husband, on the other hand can pack lightly and go quickly!
I have found this web page by Doug Dyment who has done some serious research on the packing quandary and it is a wonderful source of information for the One bag Rule...very apropos considering some airlines charging extra for more than one bag these days. I encourage you to check it out while I start practising the art of packing lightly!

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Karyn said...

Many (many!)years ago, I took sixteen pairs of shoes on a two week rip. I do much better now with taking less. Now if only I had a reason to pack...

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