Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bonnie Hunt Show Trip !

We flew into Los Angeles and picked up the rental car and checked into the Sheraton by the airport. I had purchased a package deal with round trip flight, rental car and hotel all together. Sometimes, because they are packaged together you can get a very good deal! The hotel was nice...not anything fancy but it was clean and the staff was accommodating. The hotel choice was for convenience sake more than anything as it was near the airport and the studio. We were only staying two we didn't want to spend a long time driving places! My pet-peeve is paying for parking as

the Hubby had me point out in this picture. Just about everywhere you go these days they charge you for parking but I just think it's wrong! The flights were on US Air and they were fine but this charging for bags is silly...we got all of our stuff into one bag which for me was a miracle as I am insane about bringing too many clothes! But, we were charged $15 per bag per flight... I watched all these people try to bring bags on the plane to avoid the fee and then there were too many bags and they had to check them at the last minute! It causes too long of a delay in boarding the plane...they should just do away with this fee! They also charge for every drink on the plane including water!!! But, all of our flights were on time and everyone was very professional.

We arrived early, about two hours too early, for the sign in time...Here I am by myself with no lines and no waiting! ...So, we took the camera back to the car, as cameras are not allowed in the studio and had breakfast. When we came back there, there were about twenty women in line...I did something so out of character, my Hubby shook his hand in amazement...I line butted!!!
Then, I started talking and laughing at everything everyone the desperate girl in High School! The women were very sweet about it, I became #2 and The Hubby became #3 and the sweet women that I line butted in front of actually told the audience warm -up guy that we flew in from Tampa just for the show and the guy gave me a Bonnie Hunt Sweat Shirt! The staff for the show is kind and thoughtful and they even fed us a lunch of Hot-dogs and root-beer while dressed in Cub gear from head to toe! The shows were fun and interesting as we have never seen a taped show before...I am a Bonnie Hunt fan so it was quite thrilling to watch her in person! I was surprised that My Hubby had such a good time and I caught him laughing out loud at Bonnie! While in line he struck up a conversation with the security guard and discovered that this studio isn't as popular as it once was now that the Big Sony Studios is in full swing. The Culver City Studio just has The Bonnie Hunt Show and Deal or No Deal at their studio...I hope the show does well, not just for Bonnie's sake but for all the nice people who work at the Studio! Everyone was very nice and it was a lot of fun and the people who work there are doing a great job and they make it fun for the audience members! This was just a fun, no expectations kind of a trip and we were not disappointed!

This is Culver City Studio where The Bonnie Hunt Show is filmed along with Deal or No Deal! Also, Scenes from Gone with the wind were filmed on this Lot! It's a lovely little town and after the last taping...we walked outside and the street was lit with twinkling lights...very pretty! I wanted to stop and eat but The Hubby had other plans...we or should I say he ate at In n Out Burger and we watched the planes land at LAX as they are RIGHT above your head!!! Very romantic!
After we got home...we had a meeting the very next day with a group of people and I was mentioning our trip and someone mentioned they could get me tickets to the Ellen Show...that sounds like fun!!
I'll close with one last clip of the Hubby and I in the audience...look fast or you will miss us!!!
The Bonnie Hunt Show Clip


Gina said...

Sounds so fun!!
Especially the romantic dinner with hubby!!! hahaha!!
At least you humored him.

georgie said...

I saw you i saw you! How cool man I would LOVE to go see Ellen!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like a fun trip! I'm glad you got to go. Can't wait until you see Ellen's show!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun. I'm so glad you had a good time. I'm glad everyone was accomodating too....I hate it when you are a fan of someone and you meet them and are disappointed because they have a crappy attitude. Love it when everything works out and they end up justifying you liking them.

Ellen sounds like a blast! She's crazy....I love her!!!

Amy said...

Sounds like fun. I'm glad you had a good time. That In 'n Out is my husband's favorite. He says its the perfect combination: In 'n Out and airplanes. He actually will drive out there just to have a burger and watch the planes. :)

Candid Carrie said...

I saw you! I watched the clip. The first time I just watched it and the second time I got ready and paused it just to gawk and stare at you (as though you were the celebrity).

Is it a coincidence that Bonnie's little emblem and logo and video stuff all matches your site so very nicely? Did you plan that with her?

And it is so cool that you pulled out your inner "high school desperate girl" to get budged into line. Good thing that girl lives directly under the surface. Sure would have been a shame if you had gotten rid of that side of you completely!

Thank you for coming home in one piece.

Insane Mama said...

Culver City is about ten minutes from my house. I could have met you. Are you still in town?

Ronda's Rants said...

No...just a quick trip but I'll call if we go back and see another show and I'll take you out for lunch!!!

Lex the mom said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!

I'll be watching for your Ellen jaunt!

Mekhismom said...

I am happy to hear that you had a great trip. I have never seen the Bonnie Hunt Show and actually have never heard of her. I am sure this is blasphemy for you but it is true.

Ronda's Rants said...

No...but what rock did you crawl out from under? Okay...I am totally kidding!!! I just love her...she is just really funny to me! She was in both Cheaper by the Dozen Movies with Steve Martin. She was in Jumanji with Robin Williams and she was in the Green Mile with Tom Hanks and Jerry McGuire with Tom Cruise...She co-wrote Return To me that starred Minnie Driver and David Duchuvny. She is fairly spectacular!
But...I may be a little biased...

Gretchen said...

Sounds like fun, but places that ban cameras are so horrid! That's my pet peeve! They should be allowed everywhere!!

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